Donetsk, known as 'the city of a million roses', is a city in eastern Ukraine, administrative centre of Donetsk Oblast. Its population is a little over one million, making it the fourth largest city in the Ukraine. Its main source of income is heavy industry, particularly coal mining.

Founded in 1869, and originally known as Yuzovka, it was formally given city status in 1917. The name was changed to Stalino in 1924, and the city was mostly destroyed during the Nazi invasion. It was renamed Donetsk in 1961, during Khrushchev's de-Stalinization. The name Donetsk comes from the river Donets, a tributary of the Don.

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As a side note, Donetsk Way in Sheffield bears, next to the road sign saying 'Donetsk Way', two signs - one in cyrillic, presumably saying 'Donetsk Way', and one saying 'Sheffield is twinned with Donetsk, U.S.S.R.' Hmmmmmm......