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Kyle XY

Kyle XY is a dramatic [American|American] series that portrays the story of a teenager named Kyle.He wakes up in a forest near [Seattle|Seattle],[Washington|Washington], without memories of his life until that moment. The series follows the life of Kyle as he tries to uncover the mysteries surrounding it, such as the fact that he has no navel, and doesn't have memories of his life either.

Author: Eric Bress and J. Mackye Gruber

Producers: J.C. Spink
Chris Bender
David Himelfarb
Eric Tuchman

Cast: Matt Dallas as Kyle XY
Marguerite MacIntyre as Nicole Trager
Bruce Thomas as Stephen Trager
April Matson as Lori Trager
Jean-Luc Bilodeau as Josh Trager
Chris Olivero as Declan McDunaugh
Kirsten Prout as Amanda Bloom
Jaimie Alexander as Jessi XX

Number of seasons: 3
Number of episodes: 43


Kyle is a teenager of 16 years old that was found alone in a forest without clothes and memories of his life. He is like a newborn, he does not know anything; he does not know even the simplest things, like how to eat or drink, sleep, go to the bathroom, and can not communicate with other people, because he does not know how to communicate by speech, or even gesture. And most surprisingly, he does not have a navel.

But Kyle is very intelligent and learns very fast. He has mysterious intelligence and he is able to do amazing things.

After being seen walking naked down the street, he was taken by the police to a reformatory and there he takes his name. But the employees of the reformatory do not know exactly what to do, because they have not seen nothing like that before.

So they decide to call the therapist Nicole Trager, who is interested in Kyle and realizes that is not the best place for him. She then decides to take him to her home while the police search for his family.

In principle, her husband (Stephen Trager ) and sons ( Josh and Lauren ) do not agree with this idea, because they think that it is dangerous to have a person who you do not know anything about in your own home.

However, Nicole convinces her family, and so they end up accepting the idea, and by living every day with Kyle all of them create ties with him, as if they really were a family.

Thus, Kyle tries to live a normal life with his new family. He goes to school, to parties, he helps at home by cleaning and fixing things, etc.

He also demonstrates amazing abilities no one can explain. His talents are just the tip of the mystery, and the questions are just starting to grow: Who is Kyle? Where did he come from?

Every day, Kyle experiences something new, learns something new… [music|music], a pretty neighbor, a wild party, danger, lies, jealousy, humor, touch, trust, love. And each day, the Tragers think they are getting to know him. But the mystery about kyle is just beginning.