Note : Based on the London version of the Monopoly Board.

Get many friends, and their friends, and their friends' friends together in the name of a special occasion (usually a birthday or pre-stag night) . Decide whether you'll be paying money into a pot, or will be buying drinks for oneself or each individually.

Traditional version : Arrange to all meet at 10am at Old Kent Road, find a nearby pub, drink a pint (or halves) of beer (bitter, lager, stout) or whatever solid alcoholic beverage of your choice. Finish drink, move towards destination of next monopoly board square, drink, proceed, and so on.
This version is the hardcore drinking version, it will cost each person around £50 to £100 in drinking money. It is usually done over the course of two days - because it is either impossible or literally suicidal to do it all in one day on full pints. Almost always results in being barred from pubs around Mayfair

Dice Version : Start at Old Kent Road as above, drink. Roll monopoly die (really you should only roll one die to make it worthwhile), and head towards go to wherever the die lands.
If you land on Go To Jail : Someone must be nominated to do something amusingly illegal or kiss a police officer.
If you land on Free Parking : Steal a traffic cone.
Community Chest/Chance : Pre-set Dares and Challenges are pulled from a hat. Example "All stand in the next pub on one leg."
This version is easier and can be done in one day, often results in a strange collection of traffic cones the day after and/or a caution or arrest.

Other notes:
Take a monopoly board along with you (and dice if neccessary), sign the relevant monopoly square for each place you drink at and get the owner/manager of the pub to sign the board also.

Have fun and please don't die!