No one has really included the latest gadgets in the James Bond movie "The World Is Not Enough" in this movie 007 gets to play with :

  • A Prototype Speedboat - Can also operate as a submarine and drive on roads. It can fire missiles and has GPS. Hijacked by 007, whilst Q was testing it, to chase the assasin of Lord King.
  • Jacket - In times of trouble press a button and this jacket will become an immensly strong bubble of material encompassing the immediate area of the wearer. 007 uses this to protect himself and Electra from an avalanche.
  • BMW - Usual extras and missiles. In this movie the car doesn't have much of the role except for quickly shooting down a helicopter before getting sliced in half by another one.
  • Omega Seamaster Watch - Grappling gun and high powered flashlight. Used to escape nuclear bomb pit.
  • Visa Card - Electronic lock pick used to break into Electra's office.
  • X-Ray Glasses - Blue tinted, used by Bond to check out the ladies' sexy undergarments and hidden guns.