This term (Russian: "noviye russkiye") refers not to those who became new citizens of Russia but to those who became citizens of the "New Russia" -- that is, those who embraced capitalism and Americanization. The New Russians go to a great extent to separate themselves from the Old Russians. They deck out in bright colored expensive suits and drive expensive European cars. They also seem to try their best to avoid any semblance of culture. The dislike between Old Russians and New Russians is strong and mutual, as it is the dislike between profit and sharing, between consumerism and culture, between rich and poor. As it is hard to get rich by legal means in the current Russian economy, "noviye russkiye" are often associated with government corruption and organized crime. They mostly reside in Moscow (this is not to say that Moscow is mostly New Russian - they are a minority), as Moscow is where all of Russia's money is.