A while ago, the SI proposed a set of prefixes that would distinguish between powers of 1000 and 1024. The powers of 1024 got the prefixes: kibi, mebi, gibi, tebi, pebi, exbi, zebi, and yobi.

Unfortunately, these sound bloody stupid. Especially when prefixed to byte or bit, as they were likely to be. The other problem is that most people pronounce "giga" with two hard G's, so it would be very hard to tell "gibi" apart from "kibi" when pronounced.

So those prefixes were never really accepted. Which is sad, because if they didn't have such idiotic names they'd be quite useful.

I have my own proposal for metric prefixes based on 1024. The trick is to put the b in a different place, and change it to a d when necessary.

The following is a table of the base-1000 prefixes, SI base-1024 prefixes, and my base-1024 prefixes.

       1000    SI-1024 my-1024
10^3   kilo    kibi    kiblo   2^10
10^6   mega    mebi    megda   2^20
10^9   giga    gibi    gigda   2^30
10^12  tera    tebi    tebra   2^40
10^15  peta    pebi    pebta   2^50
10^18  exa     exbi    bexa    2^60
10^21  zetta   zebi    zebta   2^70
10^24  yotta   yobi    yobta   2^80
10^27  harpi   ?       harbi   2^90
10^30  grouchi ?       grodi   2^100
10^33  zeppi   ?       zedi    2^110
10^36  gummi   ?       gumbi   2^120
10^39  chici   ?       chidi   2^130