I was supposed to get as much data off of a damaged CD as I could, and burn it onto a new one. Instead, I chewed on the edges of the CD until it wouldn't work anymore. Afterward I felt guilty for doing that.
I was walking down the street from my house with my sister at night. It wasn't quite the same street, though, it curved a different way, there were more trees along it, and there were streetlights.

It eventually occured to me that I was only wearing a T-shirt and shorts, not even any shoes, and it was getting very cold. Snow was appearing on the ground, out of nowhere. I wished I had dressed warmer. I didn't know where we were walking to, only that it was a long way away.

We turned the corner at the end of the street. Where an apartment complex used to be, there was now a large, heated pool. The girl I have a crush on was swimming in it, and invited me to jump in, but my sister stopped me.

My nightmare about George W. Bush getting elected recurred. Actually, I was looking at the results of some poll, which said that 130% of people were going to vote for Bush.