Subliminal messages are messages you do not actively perceive, but receive nevertheless. This can be done using many different techniques, like flashing one frame of the message in a movie. The human brain does not consciously perceive this, and yet the message is registered. Other techniques could include a subtle mention of commercial products, such as having a character in a movie drinking a can of Pepsi, or even mentioning such a product in a node.

You may have heard of the latest scandal in the Bush campaign. The word 'Rats' was flashed over a Gore prescription drug proposal in a Republican ad. It remains to be seen whether this will have an up or down effect on the way Americans vote in the upcoming elections. In any case, this kind of message can have a terrific impact on the mind, especially as it is not conscious.

Noders will be happy to know that once a person is aware that he has seen a subliminal message, its effect is significantly decreased.