I lot of differences in languages come from the languages' evolution. Swedish and Finnish are spoken with a closed mouth, relative to most African Languages, such as Swahili. This makes sense, for the simple reason that it is cold in Sweden most of the year, and it's harder to open your mouth wide. It's much simpler to speak with just a narrow opening. In Africa, though, heat is hardly a problem when speaking.

This gives different languages different 'colours', so that Swahili sounds warmer than Swedish. And so people speaking Swahili will tend, to the untrained ear, to be happier than Swedish speakers (except for in Swedish porn, of course).

Another difference is in the ear of the behearer. Not many words in English end in the same 'eau' or 'ou' that is common in French. The only words that do are imported words (like risqué), that often sound snobbish for several reasons, such as that they were imported from France because France was more advanced in the Art Cultures, so words like 'avant-garde' were imported, not words like 'sewer'. Naturally, when all the French-sounding words are related to the arts, the entire language may sound snobbish to an English speaker.

One last comment before I go - let me just say that the German word for darling is Schatz. 'Nuff said.