Screw you, feminists! You're not going to take romance out of my life. I'm going to keep on opening doors for women, because they are women. I'm going to keep on bringing women flowers on dates. I'm going to continue being romantic, and none of that feminist bullshit is going to stop me.
If I go out with you, and give you my jacket because you're cold, and you label me as a chauvinist pig, you can kiss my chauvinistic ass.

What is wrong with you? Go ahead, kill chivalry. Just because I open a door for a woman because of her gender doesn't mean I don't respect her (in fact the opposite), or that I will pay her less than a man. It does mean, however, that I see her as different from a man. Yes, I admit it - I am gender biased - I want to make love only to women. I treat women differently accordingly.
All you feminists who don't get it - I pity you. Open your mind. YOU are the ones with the stereotypes about men who open doors for women. Maybe some day you'll learn where to focus your attention in the battle, and not deprive yourselves of your femininity or kill romance by it.

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