A study I conducted on a hunch. I suppose there might be a physiological explanation for the stunning results I found.

Nearly all men's penises lean to one side or the other in natural conditions (i.e. unerect). Yes, I realise some men are bloody perfect, with a 17 incher that is straight as a rod, but most of us are not (life is SO cruel). So most of our penises have a favoured side. This is the side of the jeans that the penis is naturally disposed to, and the side it picks when lying on the back (the person, not the penis). So, which side does it lean? It so happens that left-handed males' penises lean to the right, while right-handed males' penises lean to the left. Shocking? Damn right it is!. Such is life.

A note to men and women alike: If you think I'm a fool, downvote away, but I urge you to first inspect yourself / your boyfriend / your friends, and only then vote.

surprising, isn't it?.