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My car is in the garage now. Yesterday I got stuck because of my car battery. And I needed a checkup anyway. My mechanic was shocked and appalled at seeing my car. It has taken enough blows to take out Mike Tyson, all while parking. He said they could fix it, for about $720,567.32. I guess you could pretty much sum up the state of my car by assault and battery. Ha ha.

Yesterday was a good humour day, for some reason. My flatty (is to flatmate as roomy is to roommate) and myself had a really good amount of jokes, including a discussion of bass amplifiers (I play the bass), and the putting of women on top of, theoreof. We were discussing the connection of a microphone, and speaking into it with a low voice, saying words of (literally) endearment. And then when she says "Lower, lower", you speak with a more bass voice. Well, we found it hilarious. Also included in yesterday's fun-packed day was the following joke, which didn't leave a dry eye in the house:
q: What has 100 balls and fucks rabbits?
a: a shotgun
And then we went to a restaurant for a friend's birhday. My flatty decided he can only say the word "Gorgonzola". He actually did for several hours. It pissed everybody off, but I tried to still have a proper conversation with him, by asking him questions like "What is your favourite cheese?" (which really pleased him), "What fo you like on your pizza?", "What did you find on your testicles this morning?" and "What do you say when you come?" It was a very inspiring conversation.

I'm going to buy a stereo today. Actually a receiver, CD player & 2 speakers. And it's going to be rather expensive (14,000 NIS). And this is a great time to buy this, as I am not in the rich, so to speak. In fact, yesterday my bank called. How good can it be when your bank calls you? I'm sure it's not to say 'Happy New Year'.

On that topic, the new year is starting on Friday, for us Jews, anyway. It's annoying for more ways that I can count, but let me try a few anyway:

  • My parents are divorced. Meaning I have to choose whom to be with on the holidays. This year mom got Passover, so dad gets New Year. Equality for parents.
  • My grandfather is 92. Instead of doing a small dinner at his house, he has to drive (be driven, anyway), to Tel Aviv and back (from Jerusalem). He really doesn't need all this, but wants to be with his family (understandably). However, I wish his family was more considerate (my mom's side).
  • The calendars in Israel are all messed up. They go from September to September instead of Jan-Dec. How annoying.