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It's 1:30 am here. I just got back from a gig. I am not a happy camper. I was really looking forward to this gig to get my spirits up, but it didn't. I guess objectively it didn't suck too bad, but for me it was horrible. It was actually fine until the drummer wanted to play Donna Lee and the guitarist said he didn't want to play the head, because he'd screw it up. "No problem," I said, and promptly attempted to play it. Let me just mention that I know this piece inside and out, and can finger pick it and slap it at up-tempos. We played it quite mid-tempo, and I screwed it up like a professional fuck-up. And just as the crowd was really getting into the music and listening. Well, I just wanted to get the show over with then.

This was after yesterday's APALLING gig. I played with three not-so-good musicians, not to put too fine a point on it. The drummer couldn't even keep the beat. And it sounded the same when the keyboard player played solo and accompaniment. They were really amateurish.

I spoke to my dad today about yesterday's show, and he asked me why I played with them. I told him it's for the money. What can you do, it's really tough for a musician to get by. So he told me that if it's the money that matters, I should start working in the high-tech industry now (as opposed to when I finish studying). If not, I should play with people who won't bring down my reputation (though after today, I'll probably bring theirs down), and whom I don't enjoy playing with. He's so right. He's always right.

After the gig, thinking things can't get any worse, I got to my car, which has a new bump mark, with scratches included. My car now has 3 scratches on the left hand side, 2 on the right, 3 indentations in the right door, the new indentation in the front right wing, a canyon down the front of my hood (thanks to a reversing truck), and a missing spoiler, which some sick pervert took. What the hell can someone do with a spoiler? I saw none of these happen, so I will have to pay for the repairs, if I should ever wish to repair my car. But what's the point? It get smashed every bloody week.

Oh, my battery's all screwed up too. I have to play roulette with my car to see if it'll start or if I have to jump-start it.

I hope tomorrow sucks less.

Oh, I didn't notice. It's still September 23 on the E2 server. Well, there was already a writeup here, so I guess that's an excuse, though this really shouldn't happen.

Hold on... It's from the 21st???!!!! What the heck? There is no place on earth that is the 24th September when the E2 server is still on the 21st.
I think that's too much monkey business.