I read this today. Check it out: this guy was talking to three policemen in Edinburgh. He told them to fuck off.

Now, based on a quick analysis from what I know of policemen (and a personality analysis of the only policeman I know well), I would think that in most countries, this person would have had the living crap beaten out of him, then charged with obstruction of justice and resisting arrest. Well, in the lovely highland country of Scotland, he was indeed charged with something on the lines of obstruction of justice. In most countries, including Scotland, you are not allowed to insult policemen.

Well, the courts decided that "fuck off" has become a part of normal conversation, and that it isn't an insult. It didn't happen during a chase or attempted arrest or anything of the sort. No siree (or should that be: "och, lad"), it happened during polite conversation. And the man contended that hey, everyone says fuck off, it's not an insult. And the court agreed.

So next time you're in Scotland, feel free to go up to a policeman, and tell him to do whatever you want with whichever farm animal you wish. As long as it's during polite conversation, that's okay by Scottish law.