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The holiday (Rosh Hashana) is finally over. I ate over at my dad's house on Friday, then drove to my mum's, to get to the lunch she had for "all the children", as she calls us. We are her children and her husband's children. It had to be w/out my brother, as he's on guard duty in the army. It was a nice BBQ, though. But it was thenre that I noticed that many of my puns seem to be ignored, or just not got. And I don't care. I don't stop to explain them. They are thus lost forever. (For example, my mom asked me if I want some spare ribs, and I told her only if she really didn't need them. It fell on deaf ears.) Amir, the oldest of the children, just got married recently. His wife is so pathetic. Her existence seems to be totally futile. She's not funny. She's not interesting. And she says "Oh my God" when she sees my nipple ring. Oh well...

My photo album is finally done (from my trip to the dolomites. I showed it to a friend, who's a photography buff and he was rather impressed, which of course pleased me to no end. We then went out dancing (Saturday night). We went to a place that had 80's hits, and, unbelievably, I danced to songs like "Touch Me" and "Major Tom" (I think that's what it's called. There was a free sushi bar there, and we had just been sending over the "Wassabi" wassup advert, so we spent about 15 minutes saying "Wassabi", much to the annoyance of the sushi maker, who did not co-operatingly shout "Wassabi!"

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