Hmmm.... I haven't written a daylog in such a long time, I don't know where possibly to begin. So I'll go anti-chronologically.

Last night I had a show that I'd been waiting for for a long time. I performed at a club called "Satchmo". The gig had been set up about 3 months before. The thing about this place is this: a year and a half ago (around April 1999), a pub opened in Florentine, a district in south Tel Aviv. It used to be a pub under another name, closed for a while, and then reopened under a new ownership and name. I knew a keyboard player who sucked shit, but had a cool appartment, also in Florentine. So we used to jam there on Friday afternoons. He saw that this place opened, and offered to perform. And so he, a drummer and myself began practicing for the gig on Saturday. (This is getting to be quite the story. Not much of a daylog, I guess, but hey, what the heck? This is background info.) Anyway, on Friday, before the gig, the drummer didn't show up for practice. He overslept. So I told him not to come; we would find another drummer. (I was totally pissed off.) So we frantically looked for one, and found him, through a friend. We practiced, and performed the next day. Every Saturday night, from then on, we performed there. Then we started performing on Friday afternoons at some other place too, and then the keyboardist flipped. He's totally messed up, and I'm still not sure why, but he got up, in the middle of a gig, and left. We had to finish off alone. He wouldn't play with us from then on. So, realising that he's a loony, the Satchmo guys stuck with us (the drummer and me), and we performed there every week for about half a year. Each week we'd find a keyboardist and a horn player (often they'd change from week to week.)

Then one day, the Satchmo guys wanted a funk performance too. So from Friday to Tuesday, we found a guitar player and put on a show. We performed there twice a week for a month or so, and then the funk stopped (it was too expensive), and we stopped performing there altogether, as they started bringing in other bands. That in itself would be fine, but one day the didn't call us to tell us we wouldn't be playing, which really annoyed me, as we had been very fair to them for more than half a year, and didn't take up any gig offers for Saturday nights. Anyway, the gigs ended. Now these gigs used to be a regular place for my many of my friends to hang out and talk. And the bartender there became a good friend of ours.

About half a year ago, we heard that the management had changed. And so I talked witrh the new owner, and we performed there yesterday, which was a big reunion thingy for all my friends. The Satchmo is now quite the jazz pub, all because of us, but who remembers now? The new owner didn't even know I existed until I talked to him.

The show was really good, methinks. I had a good time, anyway.

About the rest of what's happened to me: I went back to University last Monday. I have two courses with projects in Java, so I'm crash-learning Java by myself. On Tuesday I wrote a chat program for my flatmate and myself, mostly so that I won't have to go all the way over to his room to leave him phone messages. (We are connected by LAN.)

I think I'll update this as the day continues. I have so much still to do.