Innocence is dead.
We're in the year 2000, and nothing is innocent anymore. This is why I wish I lived in the 1920s. Yes, admittedly, life was not perfect then either, but at least there was some purity then, some sense of virginity and virtue.

Innocence didn't just have a heart attack and expire. It suffered a slow and painful demise, finally to expel it's last dying breath just about the turn of the century.

The disintegration of innocence throught the years is most vividly represented in the different media, which represent (and also have a hand in forming) the inclination of the people. Let's take a look at the evolution of several media through the years:

Where do we go from here?

Gamaliel, you're right, to a certain extent. Of course I was taking it to extremities here. I could have put Pocahontas as a 90's movie, but that would have just been silly. I was making a point, only one sided, admittedly, but you do have to admit that Kim would hardly have been possible 15 years ago.