This group of people is playing poker in John Smith's basement. The room is heavy with cigar smoke, stakes are high, and all around everybody is quite pleased. But then John's son Joey, who is seven, comes downstairs and becomes quite a pest, running around the table and calling out the cards from behind the players' backs. Naturally, they get rather irate. Joey's father tells him to stop, but to no avail. he shouts at him, which stops joey for a couple of minutes, but then joey says he is bored, and keeps on disturbing the game with his antics.

The players do everything from talking to him to offering him money to make him stop, but he just will not quit. After about an hour of this, everybody is really getting really tired of Joey. So Joey's uncle gets up and tells the boy to come with him. He returns 5 minutes later without the boy and the game continues.

Two hours later, and still no sign of Joey. Everyone is mighty pleased. And John asks his brother, "it's great that you got Joey to stop annoying us, but i must know, what did you say to him?"

"Nothing. i taught him how to jerk off."