Footprints is not just a poem about God / Jesus. It is also:
  • A song by Wayne Shorter. It is a twelve bar blues piece in C minor. It has three features that make it slightly more interesting than the usual 12-bar blues:
    1. It's in 3/4 time (as opposed to 4/4 time, in which most blues are written).
    2. The two dominant chords in the head are sub V's. So instead of the usual Ab7 and G7, we have D7 and Db7.
    3. The bassline is interesting: In the change to Fm, the root remains C, and the bass outlines a Fmsus4/C chord, but it still sounds like Fm7, because of the bluesy context.
    Footprints originally appeared on Miles Smiles, a Miles Davis album. Wayne Shorter recently (2002) released an album called Footprints Live, which features this song. It has also been recorded by numerous other artists.
  • Me
  • Further research has revealed there is an online soap opera called Footprints at I am not a critic, but it appears to suck ass.
  • There is a Footprints dotCom, not located at in which there is something called paper tole, which may be some kind of art, as they call themselves paper tole artists. Until someone explains to me why it's an art form, I'll just assume that they are a bunch of wankers.