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I was in some sort of conference or before a lesson or something, and we were split up into two groups for a screening of some sort. I talked to Vivek, an old friend of mine from Kenya, who actually during the last 3 or so years I lived there, was not really a friend, more like an enemy. In the dream we were friends, and I was going to let him sit next to girls in the screening, because I already have a girlfriend.

We went into the room, and the chairs were arranged in a horseshoe. 4 people were already seated; the last two were girls, so I let him pass me and sit next to them. I sat down, and a blonde came and sat next to me. She was not incredibly beautiful, but she wasn't too bad. She has a short white mini-skirt. She lifted it up to show me a tattoo she just had done. It was right on the inside of her thigh, way up. She had white underpants. The tattoo was some sort of dragon in red and blue. I was slightly shocked, and wondered how come this was happening to me, when Vivek needed to meet someone. We started talking, and apparantly the tattooer didn't give her very good instructions about taking care of her tattoo, so I did. We talked for quite a bit.

In the next scene, we were on a bus. My mother was also somewhere around.

Then we were sitting somewhere between Tel Aviv and Jerusalem, looking at the view. I had my arm around her, for some reason. She asked me some question about my life. I don't remember what, or how I answered, and I turned the question back at her. She said that she fucked someone she shouldn't have and he touched her clitoris. I was really annoyed by this. I remember the question did not warrant such a reply. Also, I was annoyed that she said "fucked" and not "slept with", which was more appropriate.

So I said something like "And?", and she said she'd been with him, on and off, ever since. She meant that she had been with him all that time just because he happened to touch her clitoris.