The following is as comprehensive a list as I could find of collective nouns. Note there may be doubles. But if that's okay with Webster 1913, it's okay with me.

An agenda of tasks
An armada of ships
An army of ants
An army of caterpillars
An army of frogs
An aurora of polar bears
A bale of turtles
A band of gorillas
A band of jays
A bank of monitors
A barren of mules
A bed of clams
A bed of oysters
A bed of snakes
A belt of asteroids
A bevy of quail
A bevy of swans
A blessing of unicorns
A bouquet of pheasants
A brace of grouse - spiregrain and vruba tell me that a "brace" applies only to two of a wildfowl - like a special-purpose version of "pair."
A brood of hens
A business of ferrets
A business of flies
A cast of actors
A cast of falcons
A cast of hawks
A cavalcade of horsemen
A cete of badgers
A chain of islands
A charm of finches
A chattering of choughs
A chorus of angels
A class of students
A cloud of gnats
A clowder of cats
A cluster of grasshoppers
A clutch of chicks
A clutch of eggs
A collective of nouns
A colony of ants
A colony of beavers
A colony of gulls
A colony of penguins
A company of parrots
A conflagration of arsonists
A congregation of plovers
A congregation of worshippers
A congress of baboons
A conspiracy of ravens
A constellation of satellites
A convocation of eagles
A cover of coots
A covey of grouse
A covey of partridges
A covey of pheasants
A covey of quail
A cowardice of curs
A crash of rhinos
A crowd of onlookers
A cry of hounds
A culture of bacteria
A deceit of lapwings
A descent of woodpeckers
A dissimulation of birds
A dole of doves
A down of hares
A draught of fish
A dray of squirrels
A drift of swine
A drove of cattle
A dule of doves
An exaltation of larks
A field of racehorses
A fleet of ships
A flight of cormorants
A flight of doves
A flight of goshawks
A flight of swallows
A flight of stairs (Thanks mauler!)
A flink of cows (twelve or more)
A flock of sheep
A flock of tourists
A flotilla of ships
A gaggle of geese
A gaggle of goths (MALTP)
A galaxy of stars
A galaxy of starlets
A gam of whales
A gang of elk
A gang of hoodlums
A grist of bees
A grove of trees
A heap of trash
A herd of elephants
A hill of beans
A hive of bees
A horde of gnats
A host of angels
A host of sparrows
A hover of trout
A huddle of lawyers
A husk of hares
A kettle of hawks
A kindle of kittens
A knot of toads
A leap of hares
A leap of leopards
A leash of foxes
A litter of pigs
A mob of kangaroos
A murder of crows
A murder of goths (MALTP)
A murmuration of starlings
A muster of peacocks
A muster of storks
A mute of hounds
A nest of mice
A nest of rabbits
A nest of vipers
A network of computers
A number of mathematicians
A nye of pheasants
An ostentation of peacocks
A pack of hounds
A pack of wolves
A paddling of ducks
A pair of horses
A party of adventurers (TheBooBooKitty)
A party of jays
A parliament of owls
A patch of flowers
A peep of chickens
A pitying of turtledoves
A plague of locusts
A plump of waterfowl
A pod of seals
A pod of whales
A pod of dolphins
A ponder of philosophers
A prickle of hedgehogs
A pride of lions
A raft of ducks
A rafter of turkeys
A range of mountains
A richness of martens
A rout of wolves
A school of fish
A sedge of cranes
A sett of badgers (thx liveforever)
A shoal of bass
A shrewdness of apes
A siege of herons
A singular of boars
A skein of geese
A skulk of foxes
A slew of homework
A sloth of bears
A sneak of weasels
A sord of mallards (or ducks - Kalon)
A sounder of swine
A spring of seals
A spring of teal
A squad of soldiers
A staff of employees
A stand of trees
A string of ponies
A stud of mares
A swarm of bees
A team of atheletes
A team of ducks
A team of horses
A tidings of magpies
A tribe of goats
A tribe of monkeys
A tribe of natives
A trip of dotterel
A trip of goats
A troop of kangaroos
A troup of performers
A tumult of tubas
An unkindness of ravens (liveforever)
A volery of birds
A walk of snipe
A watch of nightingales
A wealth of information
A wedge of geese (flying in a "V")
A wedge of swans (flying in a "V")
A wing of aircraft
A wisp of snipe
A yoke of oxen

thx Revenger!

Update: I just added wo suggestions by liveforever, and it gave me a chance to peruse this list, which I had all but forgotten about. And I found several highly amusing ones. (A blessing of unicorns, a wing of aircraft, a congress of baboons, a number of mathematicians, a leap of hares...) Some are hilarious! (And as far as I know, all are true)