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Chong ching!s Chang 'cause Chang chung! Chong

[Dr. Seuss] pays a surprise visit to E2
In the tradition of [Oh say can you say?], you have to read this out loud

[Chong] @:-)
[Chang] #;-]
Chong writes [good nodes]
Chang writes [bad nodes]
Chong's [a good level 4 noder]
Chang's [a bad level 4 noder]

Chong writes a good [I Ching] node
Chang reads [Chong's good I Ching node]
Chang [ching!]s Chong's good I Ching node

Chang writes a bad [China] node
Chong reads [Chang's bad China node]
Chang [chung!] Chong but Chong hasn't chung! Chang
So Chong ching!s Chang's bad China node
[Chong ching!s Chang 'cause Chang chung! Chong]

Read Chang's node
Read Chong's node
Read [Chong's Chang-chung! node]
Read [Chang's Chong-chung! node]
Is Chang's Chong-chung! node [better] than Chong's Chang-chung! node?
[No]. Chong's Chang-chung! node is [better] than Chang's Chong-chung! node!

[Oh say can you say]:

Chong ching!s Chang's Chong-chung! node. Chang ching!s Chong's Chang-chung! node.
I would ching! Chong's Chang-chung! I Ching node if Chang hadn't chung! Chong's I Ching node.
I would not ching! Chang's [Chong-chung 'cause Chang chung! Chong] China node even if Chong hadn't Chong-chung! Chang.

Now go and [unwind your tongue]
[There's more noding to be done]!