An album made by Pat Metheny in 1977. This album marked Pat's first attempt as band leader. "Supporting" him on the album are Bob Moses on drums and Jaco Pastorius on french horn. Just kidding. Pastorius plays bass, of course. In my humble opinion, the compositions are fabulous (all Metheny), as is the playing, by all three, on the entire album. I have read a CD review which claims that "the result seems to be three talented musicians in search of something they can't find, at least not here."1 Well, I must say that I wholeheartedly disagree.

Bright Size Life is also the first track on this album. It is one of Pat Metheny's compositions which I most enjoy playing when I perform. It is very open and spacy, with an interesting bass line. The entire album is actually quite spacy, which is aided by the fact that only a trio perform it and also by the three players ability to play notes at unexpected yet amazingly fitting times. It almost sounds as though they are all soloing at the same time, and yet the form and chords remains clear throughout.

If you listen to the actual notes that Jaco and Pat play, it is sometimes amazing that the chords come through so clearly. In Bright Size Life, Jaco plays an A note, Pat plays an E, and the overlying chord remains Bb (actually Bb/A). It works and it's quite beautiful.

Track Listing
  1. Bright Size Life
  2. Sirabhorn
  3. Unity Village
  4. Missouri Uncompromised
  5. Midwestern Nights Dream
  6. Unquity Road
  7. Omaha Celebration
  8. Round Trip / Broadway Blues

1Chris Albertson, January 1977