I used to be a bartender.

1. Bartending accessories



2. Bartending Tips

This section will hopefully fill up sometime, when I find some tips on E2 or write them.
In the meanwhile:

3. The Drinks

(I know this is what you're here for. You don't care about the juice squeezer.)
Actually Everything Bartender has the drinks noded on E2. It is a kick ass node! So your best bet, if you want a specific drink, is to go there. However, I've noded several select drinks by group, which is the way to search for drinks if someone asks you, say, for "something nice with cream".

Drink bases These are necessary for many drink recipes.

Generic drinks (these are all a whole family of drinks, in which only the base changes, so to make a Brandy Alexander, just substitute the base drink in the preparation of the generic Alexander to brandy, and there you have it.)

Aperitifs Milk/cream-based drinks

Lemon-based drinks

Blender-based drinks

Highball drinks

Lowball drinks

Pony glass drinks

Shot glass drinks

Warm Drinks

Wine drinks


If you have a suggestion / want me to add a drink, don't hesitate to /msg me.