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I'm slowly recovering from a slight disease. In the summer. My throat hurts. My head aches. I may be dumb, but I went to a practice session last night. Surprisingly, the drummer is sick too. I thought that germs know better than to come out in the summer. It's about 30 degrees here (Celsius), and it's too hot for tea with lemon. But a man's gotta do what a man's gotta do.

(q: What was Paul McCartney's favourite drink?
a: Tea with Lennon)

Before I go on, let me just say that I live in Israel, and so I don't know how much women from the rest of the world react to the term "chick flick". I for one find it an amusing term for a film that women cry in, and men don't know what the hell the crying is about. In most cases, men don't understand what good the movie was in the first place, while women love it. I hope I do not offend anyone by using the term. I certainly don't mean to.

The first chick flick I saw is "Sense and Sensibility". I went to see it with a female friend. There is a bit when Kate Winslet and this guy who reads her poetry or something break up and then get back together. Something like that, anyway. Now when they got back together, I smiled, because I thought it was nice. I heard a sniffing sound to my left, so I looked, and I saw this woman crying. I thought this was absolutely hilarious, because to me that was a happy moment, and definitely not a crying moment, and so turned to tell my friend that this woman is crying. Surprise, surprise. She was crying too. So I looked around, and every single woman in the cinema was crying.

So anyway, I watched Armageddon with my girlfriend on Friday. And she cried three times! I personally thought this was one of the top one worst movies ever made, and definitely not a movie worth crying in, it's so damn stupid. And I'm not only talking about the laws of physics in the movie which were based on Road Runner and Mighty Mouse more than Newton and Einstein. In any case, I asked around, and it turns out that all the women I asked cried in Armageddon. Do I even have to mention that no man has ever cried while watching it?

This has led me to the inevitable, and yet somewhat surprising conclusion that Armageddon is a chick flick.