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I sleep with my girlfriend almost every night, which is good in a way, I guess, but also a bit bad. When it becomes a habit (which it has), you get to the point when not sleeping together is something you should avoid at all costs. This sucks. Last night, she went to pick up her parents from the airport. Now I'm not going to even begin to discuss her parents, because I don't want this to be the longest daylog ever. But she asked me to wait for her. This involved waiting up until 2 am. But then again, on Saturday I had a practice session with my band, and she waited up until 1:30 am. So what could I say?

The other thing that sucks is that I can never remember my dreams anymore. As you know, dreams fade away slowly even if you do remember them when you wake up. Today, for example, I woke up, vividly remembering a dream. And she started talking about my flatmate, asking if he's here and whatnot (that I do remember). All this time, my dream was slowly decaying, and I was fighting really hard to remember it. I REALLY wanted to write it up, as it was full of repressed feelings and other Freudian stuff and past references. I couldn't just say: "Look, I'm going to node my dream now. Just wait a few minutes." The morning is a very romantic time, you can't put noding before your girlfriend when you just wake up.

Moving on.... I just performed minor surgery on myself. I have an ingrown fingernail. The operation basically consists of digging around in the skin around the nail, lifting the nail up in the spot where it's starting to grow inwards, and shoving something underneath to make it grow upwards again. The something, in my case is just a bit of toilet paper. A bit of blood, a bit of iodine. Not too bad. I hope it doesn't get worse. As it is, it's just inhibiting my tapping, but not the rest of my playing, which is fine. Tomorrow I have a gig, and it's jazz, so no tapping there, just finger-picking (actually, tapping is really not important), but if it gets a lot worse, I will be in pain the whole gig.
And no, it didn't even cross my mind to give up a gig because of an ingrown fingernail. A year and a half ago, I had a big show two days after I had a sinus operation. Now that sucked. The smoke all around and the effort got my eyes watering, but this isn't an occupation where you can call in sick. If you have a show, you do everything to get there. It was quite good even, if I remember correctly.

Looking forward to tomorrow.