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Am I supposed to be happy my girlfriend's sister is pregnant? Am I even supposed to care? I used to think she's just a useless bitch who thinks she's God's gift to humanity, but now I really hate her. She used to smoke a box a day. Now she's cut down.

Hooray! She's just so considerate. I admire her for caring enough about her baby to cut down her smoking. It's so difficult to stop, I'm sure. I don't know. I've never quit smoking. Then again, I never started smoking. Stupid habit. Not that I care as long as I don't have to smell it or taste it or see discarded butts all over the place. Go ahead and kill yourself slowly. I'm pro-suicide. I personally think it should be legal to kill yourself.

But when a woman smokes for two - that just pisses me off. So much I can't really find the words to express my disdain. How can a woman risk the health of her own child like that? Jesus! Whether abortion is legal or not, smoking during pregnancy should be outlawed. I don't think anyone should have the right to harm anybody who is so defenseless. I'm probably going to have to see her sometime in the future. I really can't think about looking her in the eye. Just like I would never talk to someone whom I saw kicking a puppy.

I'm all frothed up for the whole day about this, and when I was at a red light, I saw a father and son sitting in the car next to me. The air-conditioning was probably on, as the windows were down, and the father was smoking. So I rolled down the window, and asked them to do the same, and told the son: "You have to ask yourself exactly how much your father loves you if he smokes next to you in the car." Unfortunately the light turned green. I would have loved to stay there for a few more minutes.