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I could have called this node Do the right thing, or You have to pay for your mistakes, or any myriad other names, but hey, it's my life. Just a day in the life.

I broke up with my girlfriend a couple of weeks back. I'm not even sure exactly why. When we broke up, I was feeling really grubby, and so I went to a friend to cheer up a bit. Now this friend is a friend's friend, so she's not very close, but that's what I needed, I guess. She also happens to have a pierced tongue. We were talking, and inevitably, I told her I had never kissed a girl with a pierced tongue before, and inevitably, we kissed. Now to all of you who have never done it (kissed someone with a pierced tongue), the fact that I say that it's no big deal won't make any difference, you're still going to want to see for yourselves (feel for yourselves), so I won't say anything.

The problem is, she's a totally wild kisser, and she bit my lip so hard that I bled. Unfortunately, I was not the first person she kissed, or had sex with for that matter, so that I can't be totally sure of what diseases may have passed from her mouth to mine. Since she has a pierced tongue, I can assume there's a higher chance of mouth wounds, and I was bleeding, so I could theoretically have acquired AIDS.

I had a million reasons not to go back to my girlfriend, and one reason to go back: I love her. So I did. And, because I love her, I had to tell her about this 'mishap'.

She's still forgiving me, but now we have to have protected sex for the next 3 months at least, until I get tested. We also have to work on trust again.

Usually I judge my decisions by looking back and asking myself "Was it worth it?". I don't remeber ever being so adamantly sure the answer is NO.

P.S. I've been asked several times why I assume a pierced tongue would mean mouth wounds. Well, two reasons:
1) If it just got pulled hard enough, it pulls on the tongue tissue, from the inside, which is quite sensitive. I know: I have a nipple ring, and if it gets pulled hard enough (ouch...), it opens up a small wound.
2) The tip of the rod in her tongue has a little diamond (probably fake) in it. I'm sure this could scrape her palate, and open a tiny gash.