Right now my gun is at home buried in a drawer with no bullets in it. I don't even know where the bullets are. It has not always been so; things changed when I shot my bed on accident.

It was a Friday night. I had just sold my car for quite a bit of cash. My husband and children were gone for the weekend. Even so, I would not have thought to get the gun myself. This was my husband's idea via the telephone. The conversation went something like:

Me, proudly: Hi honey. I just sold the car! 9,500 in cash!

Him: Who bought it?

Me, really proud now for being bi-lingual: A couple of guys... I had to speak Spanish and I STILL got $9,500 for it!

Him: You better get your gun. They might come back..thats a lot of cash.

This was before I shot the bed so I thought getting the gun was a reasonable precaution to take. So I went to the safe and procured my weapon - a Lady-Smith .357.

Now, I KNEW that guns were dangerous so I attempted to take the proper precautions. As I was opening the cylinder to make sure there were no bullets in the gun, I dropped it. Instinctively I went to catch it and catch it I did -- by the trigger.

The gun went "BLAM!!!

I went "EEEEEKKKK!! and ran away. (I have no idea who I thought I was running from...I just ran). When I had collected myself enough to go back into the bedroom I saw that I had killed the bed. A nice, neat bullet hole through the comforter was clearly visisble. It had burn marks around the edges.

I was mortified and all I could think to do was to try to hide the evidence of my accident. I was not thinking too clearly because I got the idea I could just turn the mattress over to hide the hole....But bullets shot from a .357 GO ALL THE WAY THROUGH A MATTRESS. Dammit.

I finally confessed what had happened to my husband but have still never told my mother who is dead-set against guns. And I have never touched the damn thing since.