JessicaPierce really is taking over the world...But I don't know if it has anything
to do with damp bosoms

True Story

First, some background: My paramour is, among other things, a commercial photographer. One of
his regular gigs is shooting head shots of various people, mostly engineers, for a semiconductor company
here in the valley where I live. The photo shoot takes place up on a stage. The people waiting to be photographed
sit down below and about 15 feet away; this makes small details up on stage hard to see clearly
if you're sitting in the 'audience'.

Now when I asked if I could use the actual name of this semi-conductor company in this write-up, the answer
was a resounding, "NO NO NO". I was told their publicity minions do regular google checks on themselves
to see how important or unimportant or how bad or good or god-knows-what they are at that particular second
in time. So I should not name them.

Now that someone was nice enough to show me how to link to JessicaPierce's homenode, maybe you should
go take a look. Read about her business cards.

My above referenced significant other is particularly fond of these business cards. He is so fond
of these cards that he took one, plastered the back with double stick tape, and covered up the Apple logo on his
Powerbook with one. The Powerbook is tethered to his camera and all the images go straight to the hard drive
on the computer while he shoots pictures.

Every time he goes to shoot these engineers, they are all interested in his gear; he always has all the latest gadgets
and stuff. So around thirty of them are sitting there, facing him, waiting to get their picture taken. J. is knocking them out
pretty quickly, but the crowd does not seem to be getting any smaller; they are just milling around by the door,
watching and waiting.

Finally, the last person is done and J. starts packing up his rig. It is clear that one of the group is selected to approach

"Excuse me. We couldn't help noticing. You have a new computer? We are not familiar with this brand". He is pointing to
JessicaPierce's Robot business card stuck to the front of the Powerbook.

"What company is that? Is it any good?"

J, looking puzzled, still packing: "I beg your pardon?"

"Ah. I get it. Proprietary equipment. I understand."

He backs away and relates all this to the twenty-nine other engineers waiting for the dirt. They all file out,
buzzing with this new development.

So now I'm sure the rumors are running rampant around the semi-conductor company who-must-not-be-named
that there is a new player on the block and that they have both a robot AND something about a spider
in their logo, so boy, they must be one scary company, don't you think?

I told him he needs to strap one of her fuck-bunnies to the laptop next time...I can just see it:
"Engineers panic. Film at 11!"