This is not really a Nodermeet, it is our Grand Opening and Expansion party...It just occurred to me that Noders, in all their glory, would make the perfect side dish!

WHERE: COOL STACKS WAREHOUSE, 2937 West Thomas Road, Phoenix, AZ 85017. Tamar's cell phone: 602-620-3291

WHEN: SATURDAY (Yes, this Saturday), March 1, 2008.

There will be lots of good food, conversation, wine, various flavors of alcohol including a scotch and vodka taste-off competition, swordfights, a band, dancing, glowing things, burning things and much other general mayhem.  How could Noders NOT fit in??  It will be like the Catbox in 3D!

We have places for lots of people to sleep if you will bring a pillow and sleeping bag; it is, after all, a 20,000 square foot warehouse.  With a shower and everything!

If you'd like to come, just come.  No RSVP necessary.  If you'd like to stay the night, please /msg me so I can make sure I have a clean towel and washcloth ready for you.

I know I am making a terrible hash of this; I have been insanely busy.

Come if you can. You'll be missed if you can't.  Again, so sorry for the lateness of the announcement!

Warm regards,

Focus aka Tamar

PS: Please fogive the lack of links and the pipe links I am so fond of in my other writeups...I'm just in a hurry.  xoxo