I am downtown..somewhere.

Growing, growing, growing....So TALL. I reach down to feel my legs and find they have turned to steel, but steel that is alive. It is stretching and expanding and sending me ever upward. Where my knees were are big bolts. My feet are giant blocks of metal.

I try to move and hear a distant crunch like stepping on a beetle...I have crushed a car on accident. I worry that there were people inside and resolve to be perfectly still.

I am so big! I am so dangerous! I see a plane heading toward me....I must be in a flight path and they don't know the hazard that I have become. The plane is going to run into me so I decide to catch it. I realize I can't just stop the plane abruptly and try to calculate what kind of follow through I will need to catch the plane without squashing all the people inside.

I make the catch and let the plane continue forward for the whole span of my arm. I try to simulate the deceleration of a landing. I hope they are not hurt.

I bring the plane back and peer a giant eyeball through the windows. I can see the little tiny people moving around and realize I am hungry.

I consider eating the plane but decide that would not be very nice. I eat a cloud instead.