I won't ask you to stop reading this. I already know it's far too late anyway. You'll start seeing him soon.

You won't notice him at first. He'll be among the dead trees of winter, and you'll always stare but not truly see because his thin spindly black arms will hide him perfectly. The TV will lose reception and become filled with static. Have you checked your basement recently? Do you even have one? Because there's a black door that wasn't there yesterday and it goes down to the basement you didn't even have. Are you afraid to go down there? Why are you so afraid of a door?

You're a fool. There are worse things to be afraid of. Have you noticed that out your second floor window, someone just moved? Why did you wake up after terrifying nightmares of being embraced in his long spindly arms, and hear the words "Bus-stop, bus-stop" in your ear? Were you surprised when you saw no-one in your room when you turned on the light? How did you feel when you saw that the bus-stop had a black operator symbol painted onto the map? That symbol is Ⓧ, if you were wondering. What does it do, you ask? It keeps him away.

Why did you feel so tired all of a sudden when you went home? Can you describe that sinking feeling in your stomach as you saw that somehow you had been gone for hours, even though you should have only been gone twenty minutes? Do you trust yourself enough to know that you didn't, say, kill someone when you were gone? How do you know that you didn't do anything? What would you feel like if I told you that you did kill someone? Don't worry. You most likely did not murder a little girl.

So your life is falling apart. You have found that you have been unable to concentrate, and your boss is on your case. In fact, this is your chance to redeem yourself before you get fired. You note that your house is covered in that stupid fucking symbol that haunts you every step you take, and you have found that the symbol isn't working anymore, and he is getting closer. You know it's only a matter of time before you will be a bag of meat and organs hanging from a tree outside your house. How do you feel about that? Are you unhappy with this, or merely resigned?

Do you wish to run? You do know you would never find another safe place, but keep running and running until your legs break. Really, it would be much preferable to wait for him. I do know what he would do to you, but it would be preferable. This is your own fault, you know. You really shouldn't have clicked on this node in the first place. You were doomed from the moment you looked at this stupid fucking symbol that is this node's title. You are an idiot. You should have never done this.

Now you wait for him, his embrace. You know he is outside your room, waiting for you to stop looking at the door. Before the door opens and you inevitably die, you ask who I am.

I am just like you. Except I chose the winning side. Goodbye.