I'm very cynical. Humans keep doing stupid things that annoy me, and I expect them to carry on doing so in the future. Before I reach the end of my life, I know that the number of idiotic incidents involving humanity that I've seen will be many times larger than it currently is. When I meet people, I fully expect them to insult me, take advantage of me and then beat me up and steal my wallet.

However, the reason that these things infuriate me is nothing to do with believing that people are inherently evil or anything like that. The reason I scream when I see yet another example of somebody getting things horribly, horribly wrong is that it's completely unnecessary. We're the most intelligent organism on the planet. Over a short period of time, we've managed to overcome most of the handicaps faced by every other life form we can find. We've created works of great beauty, artifices that inspire awe in all those who see them. We've come up with poetry, philosophy, the concept of society. Every time nature has hit us with some now and unpleasant selection pressure, we've adapted. We're wonderful. We could create a utopia. But no, you bastards keep screwing up. You start wars. You destroy ecosystems. You're nasty to one another. It's so damn frustrating I could cry. And I know that you'll carry on doing it regardless of how many times you're told not to. There'll be more disasters, more death and suffering, Things will happen to me that will make me punch things at the injustice of it all.

I'm angry and frustrated with you because I care, dammit. What would be the point otherwise?