Friday was awful. I had to go up to the dentist. Now, I can't stand the dentist. But on this occasion I found the dentist visit especially horrible. I had to have molds of my teeth done so he can see what orthodontic work needs to be done. Now, everytime I go to the dentist, I come out wondering a few things:

  • Why is everyone working in the dentist office short?
  • Why is everyone working in the dentist office female, other then the dentist himself?

Now the only answer to these questions I can come up with are: 1. The dentist who is short himself, is insecure about his height and surrounds himself with people as short, or shorter then himself; 2. The dentist is either a pimp or a misogynist who believes women should serve him, another pig male.

Ok, finally, the most annoying thing about the molding process is the flavor of the plaster used to make the molds. And what makes it worse is the dental worker pushing the plaster (poured into a metal tray) up into your teeth. The irony of the process is that they ask you what flavor you'd like to have.....but the plaster has absolutely no flavor when in your mouth. When doing my top teeth especially the plaster makes me gag terribly, and it seems like an enternity for the plaster to dry and harden enough to remove from your mouth.

Man, I hate the dentist.