She is the Goddess of the Rocks.
I hear her sweet song calling to me.
I've tried to head back out
to the safety of the open sea,
yet her voice trickles through my waking dreams
and ensnares my heart.

My crew has told me she is a mirage,
that she is not really there
an illusion.
And still I can't turn away.
They have abandoned ship
and left me to this doomed voyage.

The wind whips my face
as I lean into the salty spray.
The shore looms closer
the jagged rocks guarding the sandy beach beyond.
I pass the water logged wreckage of ships
who came before me and were lost.
Seeking that which is unattainable.

I hear her song
whispering over water
ever so slightly off key.
She must be there.
She cannot be an illusion
for it is perfection that is a fantasy.
I must be strong
and not stray from my course.

Her words are becoming clearer
as I near certain destruction.
She sings of loneliness
and of heart-break
of sweet and wistful longing.
So many ships have come before
only to crash upon her rocks.

She is in my sight now
my breath catches
as I gaze into her dark flashing eyes.
Tears glisten on her cheeks
and I understand her fear.
So many times she has felt the crushing despair of hope
as she watches ship after ship approach only to be left alone.

I cannot give up
I cannot leave her here alone.
I long to press my lips to hers
and hold her in my arms.
To swim back to that sandy beach
and dance under the moon.
She is my heart
I will succeed