I would tend to disagree that Tool's music is the most difficult in modern rock. When it comes to sheer technical prowess, there is no question in my mind that Dream Theater holds the reigns. Though none of the members may be the best at their respective instruments, each is a virtuoso in his own right, and, on the average, their talent surpasses any other band. Furthermore, though the alternation between 4/4 and 13/16 in Intolerance may be impressive, it cannot compare to the madness that is The Dance of Eternity, an instrumental which pushes the limits of how odd meter can be applied.

Tool's music, however, has a quality far greater than what can be produced with chops alone. I can only describe them as being one of the most musical and innovative bands I have ever heard. Their songs are full of texture, layering, and other subtleties. Danny Carey, in addition to being one of the most skilled drummers in modern rock, is exceedingly creative and constantly amazes me in how he meshes perfectly with the rest of the band. While Tool's music may lack the ripping guitar solos of John Petrucci, I enjoy listening to it every bit as much as I do Dream Theater.