House is a one hour drama on Fox as of this writing in its second season and airs Tuesday at 9 PM (at least here in the U.S., as always I have no clue about the rest of the world's television). The full name of the show is House M.D. but seriously, I only know that from imdb. All advertisement is for House, with the H done in a circle to look like a hospital sign/symbol.

House stars Hugh Laurie in the title role of Gregory House. You might remember (but possibly not recognize) Mr Laurie from his work on Blackadder as various Georges, constantly having station above Blackadder. He done lots of other work as well, but I managed to miss most of it.

Dr. House is a crippled, very cynical cranky and sarcastic bastard of a doctor. A diagnostics specialist to be exact. When nobody else can figure out whats wrong with you, he's the guy you want trying. He'll lie to you, and assumes you're lieing to him. He's also addicted to pain killers for the leg, and doesn't really see this as a problem.

Each episode presents House with some impossible to solve medical mystery, like CSI: E.R. or something. House has found that he usually needs to get more information than the patients want to share. Like they're wearing pants bought from some guys trunk, or that their father is in the scrap industry, not construction, and these clues are vital. Don't lie to your doctor people

Working for him are three interns who put up with his crap because he really is the best in the field, and hey, if you can put up with the world renowned ass then you can put up with anyone.

Intern #1 is Chase (ok, Dr. someone Chase, but you never really hear that on the show). He's australian, son of a doctor, talks like kind of a slimeball, but is really a softy. You can imagine the type. He's also isn't hard to look at, at least if you ask my girlfriend. He, like everyone on the show, has issues. In his case he hates dear old dad, and his mother was a drunk.

Intern #2 is Cameron who as the only female naturally has the hots for House(sigh). House is too messed up for anyone normal to be into him, so what's her deal? She's like addicted to sad cases. Her deceased husband she married knowing he only had six months to live. That's fucked up. Cameron once asked House why she was even hired, she wasn't quite the best (but near enough she shouldn't be asking these kind of questions). He said for her body, if she tried so hard to be a good doctor, when she could just as easily be a model, then she must be a good doctor.

Intern #3, the black guy. Ok, bad joke. Seriously though, this seems to be the only issue Dr. Eric Foreman Has. The name is an inside joke refering to That 70s Show I suspect, because like the others you never/rarely hear his first name. Being black can certainly give the character another perspective, and House likes to use Foreman to break into patients homes. Not because he's black, but because he's got a juvie record, this got him hired in fact. Yes, House knows no limits, and pokes around homes looking for possible causes. Foreman is played by Omar Epps, who you might recall from E.R. where he played an intern. He's had practice, but don't think this makes him better than the other actors. They're all good at their roles.

There are many more characters of course, like Cuddy (his very yummy yummy boss, she's gorgeous), Wilson (his best, no only, friend), and Stacy (his ex-girlfriend who now works at the hospital). But far and away the show is House. He's just great to watch as he does things that nobody of his position ought to be doing, but he does them with style. Devious, kind of socially cruel, but almost always he's just trying to get to the trust, and finds it.