My dreams have become alot less vivid and exciting now that I've taken up the unusual habit of sleeping at night. Barely lucent, and wholly unremarkable. Perhaps I should sleep with the lights on. Example: Today I woke up from a dream in which I was in front of a house, with lots of chairs. Only one table for these hundreds of chairs. The scenery was uglied by a hill jutting out the ground at a right angle. This of course is where the CIA black sedans were appearing, of course. I was hanging out with the lead singer of Ministry, Hemos of Slashdot fame (although he was always behind me, so don't ask me what he looks like), Hank Hill from King of the Hill, and Sylvia Saint or Anna Kournikova. For the purpose of the dream these two blondes seemed to be interchangable, they were never seen together, ala Clark Kent and Superman. We all talked about how bad Voyager and Enterprise both are, Sylvia said she rather enjoyed Voyager and would've appeared in it if asked. Oddly she had a transatlantic accent. The conversation meandered all over the place, about how we would all like to meet a nice woman, and why we can't get the latter two seasons of Blakes 7 here in America and other wanderings. Finally Anna went off saying she'd give "a mile of head" for the chance to .... I woke up.