I'm a long haired man in a redneck town. In my senior year of high school there is a contest called Miss Senior. In this contest various men compete for the title, dressed in womens clothing, and very often the talent portion involved whips and leather. Everybody seemed to think that I should enter, somehow euqating long hair with a desire to wear tight micro-minis. I declined, mainly 'cause I did not much want to be in front of that many people at once, the clothes weren't a problem, I'm pretty sure I'd be one hot man in drag.

Finally some dumbass said that if I were secure in my masculinity that I would have no problem slutting up and shaking my ass, to which I replied "If you are so confident in your masculinity, then you should have sex with a man, it won't make you gay."

Not much later I was in the dean's office, explaining that any incidental contact between my head and his nose was the accidental result of the deranged transvestite's vicious attack.