Insomnia and the 6 steps to hell.

Lying in bed, troubled by something, existing somewhere in your mind. Scanning your mind trying to find the source of your troubles - the pressure engulfs you... Trying to push it away, you only think of it more, the frustration comes and starts the infinite loop of horror, this is the moment you acknowledge that you're not getting much sleep tonight.

Sometime later, believing your mind is clear, the horror strikes once more, and you find yourself concentrating on your breath, your control over your breath drives you insane ; you only wish you could breath naturally, with no control whatsoever, but you control it,either inhaling too much or too little.

The torment is over but surely another is waiting in line.....your eyes, they suddenly feel strange, is it that they are not in place?

You center them, but it still does not feel right, you feel as though you are straining them constantly. This alone drives you mad.

Your eyelids suddenly feel light, as though their natural place is to be open, but in order for you to sleep you need them to be closed. Straining your eyelids you are taken by an even greater madness.

You think of the saliva in you mouth, do you need to swallow? Why are you producing in such great quantities? Why now? You need to sleep, why is this happening???? You swallow it, only to replace it with a new load of fresh saliva - once more, the loop of horror.

The pillow is frustrating you, it is either too high or too hot. You turn it to its other side ,that in turn heats up as well. You remove the pillow but your neck lacks the support it requires...

And so strikes the horror, with you knowing you will sleep no more.