Assuptions really are the thing I hate most about human nature. I feel like this could turn into a rant about all the assumptions that have been made about myself, but that wouldn't be fair, as I have made many assumptions about others and I know with a lot of those, I was probably quite wrong.

For this, I am sorry.

I've always wondered what it was that makes us assume things the way we do. Why? Why is it that we find it so necessary to begin creating a detailed image of a person, place or just about anything we encounter within mere seconds of acknowledging it's existence.

We've always done it and always will. The part that annoys me is just how little of our assumptions are positive. Why are we such negative people? Why do we look at others and assume some of the worst things about them?

They're fat, they mustn't care for themselves. They're wearing a hoodie, they must be up to no good. He's dressed nicely, he must be a homosexual. She's dressed provocatively, she must be a slut. Even if any of this is true, what makes it right for us to assume that it's true? Nothing.

I feel guilty when I make assumptions, I can't help it. I know it's wrong, but it's too much a part of society to not make assumptions, it just happens subconsciously. I don't want to think these negative things about people and places, but I do.

And now tell me if I'm wrong, you've made an assumption about myself, based simply upon reading this. Or my username, I'll give you a moment to check. All good? Good. What did you think? So, any assumptions? Now, ask yourself; Are you sure you're right?