Of course we drink beer from cans. It's the most efficient way to do it.

  • Even if you look at the same brand you will get more beer for your cash if you buy the canned version.
  • Cans tend to hold more beer, so you have to make less trips to the fridge during your session.
  • Cans can be chilled faster so you don't have to wait so long to get a drink. (However, I concede that your beer will stay cold for longer if it's in a bottle.)
  • Cans can easily be crushed and so take up less room in your bin.
  • Modern cans are one piece affairs, leading to less littering in the form of discarded bottle tops.

Beer is a nice drink to have when you are hot and tired. It's good to sit around with a few cans and chat, play video games or watch a movie and it provides a gentle way of getting comfortably drunk over a prolonged period. You can make a pleasant evening out of it.

So remember kids, the packaging is nothing to get snobbish about. It's the beer that's the point.