This writeup will cover three days as is so often the way with my daylogs. If it's a short one, there's nothing really worth writing about, but on the days when I feel there's something to say, it often spills over. Judge me.

So on the Friday we were striving for alpha. It was bad, because we thought we had met the deadline a day early, on the Thursday night, but Friday morning felt differently. It's never nice when it's your work that's let down the whole team. But in the end it turned out to be one of those mysterious bugs that you could not have done anything about.

So Friday, we eventually got unofficial approval that the game could be played right through. So we all went down the pub for drinks on the company and just a chance to start to unwind before the nights' Team Jolly.

I gave out a number for a taxi firm, to take us all down to the restaurant, but for some reason, the taxi co refused to pickup from the pub we were at. And a couple of other pubs up the road. Weirdly, they didn't seem willing to come to anywhere I had previously called them from, so we all ended up walking back to work and getting picked up from there.

After nearly getting killed by the cabby's ineptitude (going through red lights, lanal driftage and heading towards Peru instead of Mornington Crescent), we made it more or less on time. Pizza Punani. A small Italian restaurant with a penchant for noise and a night club in the basement. And I got stuck in a quiet seat.. let's just say, 'between two boring guys, one who would not shut up and one who would not speak.'

Everyone cool was planning to go to the Electric Ballroom after, but having sat there for three hours I paid my share of the bill... £20 for three beers... and snook out. I hated leaving so early in the night, but could not face going clubbing, almost sober, with a headache and thinking about the next morning.

Saturday... the day my ex was due to come and take away the furniture... the TV... almost everything. It was not something I looked forward to, so I decided to try and avoid facing the experience completely mashed and/or hungover. Of course, having forfeited one of the year's better nights out, she rang and postponed until Sunday.

So Saturday was spent doing nob all. I sat at the PC. I sat at the PC a bit more. I had some excitement on Planetarion and eventually got my act together and went out for beers. Back home with a few cans things picked up. I watched Red Planet at last. I had wanted to see that film last time I was in New York, but ended up watching Charlie's Angels instead... not quite the same Sci-fi feel. Turned out to be good and inspired me to work on a collection of film robot writeups. Things could be worse.

Oh yes, I said three days. Well... it's the third one now. I made it to almost 3am on Sunday on the same mood swing. Only now I still have to look forward to waking up to find everything in my flat being removed. Anyone know any good, single player, pencil and paper games?

Things are getting better, I can feel it.