Got up at the last minute as usual, scraped my teeth, dunked my head in the sink and left the house. The first thing that struck me was that the school that normally sits across the road had gone. Instead there was a large pyramid that looked as if it was made out of that special brand of concrete they forge pear drops from.

Not allowing myself to be phased by ancient egyptian inspired confectionary at so early an hour, I headed for the tube. On the way down the road I said hello to the old lady who sits in her doorway, listening to Radio 3. With a creepy smile she reiterated how she would love to get her hands on that Gambucinni fellow and I walked swiftly on.

It's almost mid-July, so it was drizzling and as usual, I had been too lazy to put my coat on. Pulling my hood up, I walked like a pimp with a limp to see if people would be scared. Nobody showed any sign of even noticing me.

Life feels a bit like that at the moment. Is it the lull before the storm? Christ, I hope so. I have wanderlust biting my heels, a stupid crush, an urge to get rid of all my possessions and still I work full time, drink in the evenings, lie alone at night and wonder why I dumped my loving and lovely girlfriend.

There was a time when I thought I knew what I wanted... a good job, a nice place to live and, most importantly, someone to share it with.


Nothing means shit.