I got my own back last night and dropped the broken generator on the monkey. The flat bastard...

I'm not so sure what to write today since after the rib writeup my girlfriend has asked me not to include her in my daylogs or anything anymore. Oops.

So I got up this morning, bathed, got the tube, struggled through about three more pages of my book, which I am now beginning to hate. I have little daydreams about leaving it on the tube with a note written inside the cover,

"Please look after this book. Thank you.

PS: I wouldn't recommend reading it because it's shit and you'll regret it from about page four onwards. Trust me, I tried it myself, got half way and wanted to kill myself."

So now I am at work again with nothing to do again. This time I have decided to do something for myself. It's quite shocking that a grown man would take so long to think of that, but there you go. Things like everything distract me.

I am going to learn python, as we are investigating scripting languages for use at work and the more I am familiar with the less I will be able to blame other people when I get stuck using the wrong one on the next project.

Oh, oh... I am happy actually, because on Sunday a friend told me there's a new Iain M. Banks book in the shops. Bimbo.

Note from the future: Actually got around to learning python in late 2006.