Day two, a monkey dropped a coconut on the generator last night, so I am writing this on my clockwork laptop...

Well, it's another typical Friday. Got up, bathed, got the tube.. Oh, something happened on the tube today. I travel from zone 3 to zone 5, which means I am going the opposite way to most of the commuters and travelling away from the city centre in the morning, so I usually get on a fairly empty carriage. My lass goes the other way and rarely gets a seat. So I boarded, parked my arse and got out my book. Then I noticed this bag, sitting on the floor a couple of seats to my left. It was a fairly large, paper bag that looked the type you might acquire when purchasing women's clothing on Oxford Street. The first thing that went through my mind was obviously, "bomb"

I looked at the other passengers and then the doors shut and the train set off. There were about eight of us in that carriage and three were sitting as close as me to Bag. Each one looked me in the eye as if to ask, "Are you concerned enough to do anything about this because I am shitting myself, but feel stupid making a fuss?"

I realised I was no more sensible than them and tried to ignore Bag while I read my book. However, at the next station the tube stopped for longer than usual and we started to feel more uneasy. Suddenly an employee of the London Underground came into the carriage, said to me, "I'm guessing this is not yours?" scooped up Bag and left.


For the next eight hours I shall most likely try to look busy, altough I have almost nothing to do at work. The good bit will be filling my hard drive with stuff to take home because then I'll be able to spend the weekend checking it out and cutting CDs with my new toy that I set up yesterday.

After that I am off to meet my lass and her mate at the pub, have a couple of pints of Guinness and go for a Chinese meal at Local Friends. After that it'll be the offy and home to watch some DVDs and probably have a smoke.

Tomorrow is bank holiday weekend, so I will have three days in a row off work (and offline) for the first time this year. This pleases me.