My first day log and I can't resist mentioning poo as a log based pun. With luck I shall be forgiven.

So today is a typical Thursday for me. I woke, bathed, rode the tube a little and got to work an hour early. I really have to stop doing that. At least today I had an excuse because I ordered a new toy yesterday and knew it would be waiting for me. Whenever I buy technology I get a cool rush although I know that shortly after it will either be half the price or obsolete. Still, I just got a 12x SCSI CD writer and I can't wait to go home and play with it. Now I can start shifting a few gigs of mp3s off my hard drive.

Had one of my favourite nodes downvoted due to blatant nodevertising. This was fair enough, but a shame because although it's brief my touching cloth node is complete. I thought.

Work's going slow because the project I am on is virtually complete and I have only had to fix one bug in the last five or six days. It should be exciting as we are planning our next project in the downtime, but until I get a bit of time off I think it will be hard to get enthusiastic.

Nintendo announced their next console at SpaceWorld 2000 today. The Nintendo Gamecube. It looks like a sandwich toaster/handbag, but that's not important. It will be interesting to see how public opinion of it goes.

Maybe I should have started my day logs on a more interesting day.