First things first

You love me! You really love me and my crazy, foolish, portuguese book-buying antics! (And you also seem to like my laments about how lame I am).

Today's Feature

Reading this I was struck by how well-intentioned, but ultimately clueless people who feel first, then think later can actually damage their cause with their complaints.

In this case Whywait? has made me aware of two fantastic household products that I am only prevented from buying by my non-residence in North America. Apparently he/she/it is hugely angered by these products not being labelled as not havng been tested on animals. Sadly, all I actually know is where I could get this stuff, without having been told, preferably before revealing the identity of this satan-spawn, why this is such an outrageous wrong, without telling me why I should not buy this, or else my children will be next.

The moral

Eat all the bleeding-heart, pony-riding lefties that stand in the way of your subjugation of nature.