I guess for my first writeup I should write something that actually has a use, but I haven't been able to think of anything lately that I could put up here, so I decided that I might as well just put in a day log.
I was online today (well, I'm still on, since I'm writing this) and I didn't really feel like talking to anyone since I'd just finished playing a certain scene in FFX where Tidus and Yuna have this really beautiful scene together with the water and the lights and everything... anyways, so I wanted to put up an away message, but I'm a bit fickle about those, and I always seem to want a new one to put up. So I randomly started typing words, and came out with this:

Feathers and lemons and silver-white roses.
And maybe something sapphire or emerald.
But never ruby, or red roses.
Kisses, and holding hands.
Whispers, nuzzles, giggles, silent moments.
Special names.
Remember now, don't forget.

And I called it "Give a girl...". And I have no idea why, but it could possibly be because I was kind of angry at a certain someone earlier today for being rather mean, even if he didn't mean to (but maybe he did). And you, if you think you know who I am and you think that this person was you, well then, maybe it was, but I don't think that he would take the time to read this, since he doesn't really care about me.
All right, I'm done moping and being pathetic.